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Common Grace and the Eucharistic Practice of Hospitality in Strategic Planning

Peter J. Snyder


Much of what is written about faith and business is abstract or generalized and does not address faithful engagement in a specific task or how one develops the know-how to execute it. This article argues that faithful engagement in liturgical worship practices can shape the business practice of strategic planning. It takes a normative approach to the practice of strategic planning that expands the literature on Christian hospitality, thus creating a novel approach to strategic planning and stakeholder analysis. It suggests that the practice of strategic planning should draw people into a community that is characterized by intimate caring relationships and a concern for others, especially those with less power or those who are often marginalized in the process of strategy development. This article also argues that results of such a practice in many ways look similar to the best secular practices because of Gods common grace.

Peter J. Snyder, "Common Grace and the Eucharistic Practice of Hospitality in Strategic Planning," Journal of Markets & Morality 18, No. 1 (Spring 2015): 4360

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