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People as Workers in the Image of God Opportunities to Promote Flourishing

Brian D. Cawley, Peter J. Snyder


Christian leaders and managers, in light of and in response to Gods common grace, are capable of building organizational practices that foster employee engagement and promote human flourishing. In this article, we examine what it means for humans to be created in the image of God and therefore to be made to work and to use their unique gifts and strengths in such efforts. We will argue that it is precisely this constructive function of Gods common grace that is the key not only to individual-level flourishing but also to organizational-level and societal-level flourishing as well.

Brian D. Cawley and Peter J. Snyder, "People as Workers in the Image of God," Journal of Markets & Morality 18, no. 1 (Spring 2015): 163-187

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