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A Response to Robert P. Kraynak

Derek S. Jeffreys


I thank Professor Kraynak for responding to my essay in such a spirited manner. I want to begin by assuring him that I have no Kantian skeletons in my closet. Like other personalists, I openly acknowledge the value of some of Kants ideas. What I deny is that I am a Kantian, and reject the notion that using Kants ethical ideas is necessarily a bad thing. In this response, I first note that Professor Kraynak creates considerable confusion about the extension of the term Kantianism because he uses it both metaphysically and ethically. Second, I maintain that he misunderstands Thomistic personalism because he ignores its metaphysic. Responding directly to his questions, I argue that with a proper metaphysical foundation, Thomistic personalism can selectively use Kants ethical ideas without worrying about Kantianisms alleged dangers.

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