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Vol 10, No 2 (2007)

Cover Page

Cover Credit:

Cristall (fl. 1798)
The Fish Market on The Beach
Watercolor, early 19th century,
Victoria and Albert Museum,
London, Great Britain
London / Art Resource, NY

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Table of Contents


Leonard Lessius and the Prehistory of Economics PDF
Stephen J. Grabill


John Paul II’s Challenges to the Social Sciences PDF
Mary Ann Glendon
Christian Theology and the Human Ontology of Market Capitalism PDF
John R. Schneider
Should Business Be Responsible for Employee Health Care? PDF
Donald P. Condit
Requiem for Homo Economicus PDF
Edward J. O'Boyle
Unrighteous Stewards in Biblical and Modern Times PDF
Jonathan E. Leightner, Pamela Z. Jackson
Altruism, Self-Interest, and the Morality of the Private Sector: An Austrian Approach PDF
John Meadowcroft


Review of "Aquinas, Aristotle, and the Promise of the Common Good" by Mary M. Keys PDF
Michel Therrian
Review of "Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy" by Philip Booth PDF
Oskari Juurikkala
Review of “The Imperative of Self-Reliance for the Churches in Africa”; “Contextual Application of Christian Social Teaching on Political Ethics”; “Examining the Foundations of Solidarity in the Social Encyclicals of John Paul II” PDF
Kevin E. Schmeising
Review of "Natural-Law Liberalism" by Christopher Wolfe PDF
Paul Seaton
Review of "Catholicism and Religious Freedom: Contemporary Reflections on Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Liberty" edited by Kenneth L. Grasso and Robert P. Hunter PDF
Marc D. Guerra
Review of "A Greener Faith" by Roger S. Gottlieb and "Sacramental Commons" by John Hart PDF
E. Calvin Beisner
Review of "Religious Perspectives on Business Ethics: An Anthology" edited by Thomas O'Brien and Scott Paeth PDF
Jim Wishloff
Review of "The Challenge of Affluence" by Avner Offer PDF
John Lunn
Review of "The Commercial Society" by Samuel Gregg PDF
Leonard P. Liggio
Review of "The Intellectual Property Debate-Perspectives from Law, Economics, and Political Economy" edited by Meir Perez Pugatch PDF
Vanessa Pierce Rollins
Review of "Human Rights and Capitalism" edited by Janet Dine and Andrew Fagan PDF
Adel S. Abadeer
Review of "The Bourgeois Virtues" by Deirdre McCloskey PDF
John Larrivee
Review of "Adam’s Fallacy" by Duncan Foley PDF
Edd S. Noell
Review of "Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy" by Jerry Evensky PDF
Francis Woerling
Review of "Temples, Tithes, and Taxes" by Marty E. Stevens PDF
Andrew Schein
Review of "The Marketplace of Christianity" by Robert B. Ekelund Jr., Robert F. Hebert, and Robert D. Tollison PDF
Christopher Westley
Review of "Milton Friedman: A Biography" by Lanny Ebenstein PDF
Julio H. Cole
Review of "The Cambridge Companion to Hayek" edited by Edward Feser PDF
Johannes Graf
Review of "God and Caesar" by Cardinal George Pell, with M. A. Casey (editor) PDF
Samuel Gregg


On Buying and Selling (1605) PDF
Leonardus Lessius, S.J.


Contributors PDF
JMM Staff