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Vol 5, No 1 (2002)

Cover Page

Cover Credit:

The Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice
c.1740s (oil on canvas)
The Bridgeman Art Library

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Table of Contents


Christian Social Teaching PDF
Stephen J. Grabill


Opening Remarks PDF
Robert A. Sirico
Prophet of a Third Way: The Shape of Kuyper's Socio-Political Vision PDF
Peter S. Heslam
Passionate About the Poor: The Social Attitudes of Abraham Kuyper PDF
James D. Bratt
The Problem of Kuyper’s Legacy: The Crisis of the Anti-Revolutionary Party in Post-War Holland PDF
James C. Kennedy
Human Dignity, Personal Liberty: Themes from Abraham Kuyper and Leo XIII PDF
Michael Novak
A Response to Michael Novak's “Human Dignity, Personal Liberty” PDF
Nicholas Woltersdorff
Catholic Reflections on the Basis of the Pluralist Structure of Society PDF
William R. Luckey
A Response to Michael Novak’s “Human Dignity, Personal Liberty” PDF
Bob Goudzwaard
Is Entrepreneurial Activity Necessarily Pleasing to God? PDF
Craig Gay
A Century of Christian Social Thought PDF
Mark A. Noll
From Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum to John Paul II's Centesimus Annus PDF
Maciej Zieba
Religious Freedom and Pluralism PDF
Avery Cardinal Dulles
Calvinism, Catholicism, and the American Experiment: What is the Question? PDF
John Bolt
After Civil Religion PDF
Sander Griffioen
Differentiated Responsibility and the Challenge of Religious Diversity PDF
David T. Koyzis
The Jurisprudential Legacy of Abraham Kuyper and Leo XIII PDF
Johan D. van der Vyver
A Response to Johan D. van der Vyver's "The Jurisprudential Legacy of Abraham Kuyper and Leo XIII" PDF
David W. Hall
A Historian's Comment on the Use of Abraham Kuyper's Idea of Sphere Sovereignty PDF
George Harinck
How Now Shall We Live? PDF
Charles W. Colson


Contributors PDF
JMM Staff