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Vol 16, No 1 (2013)

Cover Page
Dinner (Farmer’s Market in Moscow)
Vladimir Makovsky/1875
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Table of Contents


The Riddle of Integral Human Development PDF
Jordan J. Ballor, Peter Heslam, Manfred Spieker


Dominant Development Paradigms: A Review and Integration PDF
Héctor Rocha
Broadening Neoclassical Human Capital Theory for the Attainment of Integral Human Development PDF
Luca Sandonà
From Experimental Economics toward Integral Human Rationality PDF
Angelina N. Christie
An Integral Approach to an Economic Perspective: The Case of Measuring Impact PDF
Maria Sophia Aguirre
There Is Now Only One Social Question: The Development of ‘The Whole Person in Every Single Dimension’ PDF
Jean-Yves Naudet
The Social Question Is Radically an Anthropological Question: The Perspective of Caritas in Veritate PDF
Antoine Suarez
What Does It Mean ‘To Be More’? Integral Human Development: Truth and Freedom PDF
Raquel Lázaro
Freedom as the Call of Being: Restoring the Foundations of Ethical Enterprise PDF
Jim Wishloff
Integral Human Development in Analytical Perspective: A Trinitarian Model PDF
Wolfgang Grassl
True Development and the Human Person: Transcending Contradiction in Discerning a Sustainable Capitalism PDF
Geoffrey Strickland
Christian Hope and God’s Providence in the Context of Economic Change and Development PDF
Robin Klay, Todd Steen
Beyond ‘Faithful Presence’: Abraham Kuyper’s Legacy for Common Grace and Cultural Development PDF
Vincent Bacote
The Compassionate Gaze of Christ: A Christian Context for Development PDF
Zachary M. Mabee
Review Essay: Bavinck on the Family and Integral Human Development PDF
Eduardo J. Echeverria
Review Essay: 'The Other America' Is 'Coming Apart' PDF
D. Eric Schansberg


Does Fair Trade Promote International Development? PDF
Paul Myers
Will Fair Trade Coffee Stunt Your (Economic) Growth? A Response to Paul Myers PDF
Victor V. Claar
Effective Economic Growth for the Poor Requires Going Deeper and Sometimes More Slowly A Response to Victor V. Claar PDF
Paul Myers
The Urgency of Poverty and the Hope of Genuinely Fair Trade A Surresponse to Paul Myers PDF
Victor V. Claar


Review of "Covenant, Causality, and Law: A Study in the Theology of Wolfgang Musculus" by Jordan J. Ballor PDF
David VanDrunen
Review of "The Economy of Desire: Christianity and Capitalism in a Postmodern World" by Daniel M. Bell Jr. PDF
Stephen M. Vantassel
Review of "Eden’s Bridge: The Marketplace in Creation and Mission" by David B. Doty PDF
John Teevan
Review of "Theology and Public Philosophy: Four Conversations" edited by Kenneth L. Grasso and Cecilia Rodriguez Castillo PDF
Robert P. Hunt
Review of "The Mystical as Political: Democracy and Non-Radical Orthodoxy" by Aristotle Papanikolaou PDF
Dylan Pahman
Review of "Things Hold Together: John Howard Yoder’s Trinitarian Theology of Culture" by Branson Parler PDF
David T. Koyzis
Review of "Just Politics: A Guide for Christian Engagement" by Ronald J. Sider PDF
Kim Andrews
Review of "Work Matters: Lessons from Scripture" by R. Paul Stevens PDF
Charlie Self
Review of "How Do We Help? The Free Market in Development Aid" by Patrick Develtere PDF
Gary Quinlivan
Review of "As If God Existed: Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy" by Maurizio Viroli PDF
Kishore Jayabalan
Review of "Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts" by Vern McKinley PDF
Timothy J. Barnett
Review of "Economies of Salvation: Adam Smith and Hegel" by Yong-Sun Yang PDF
Rachel Douchant
Review of "Approximating Prudence: Aristotelian Practical Wisdom and Economic Models of Choice" by Andrew M. Yuengert PDF
Wolfgang Grassl

Status Quaestionis

The Moral Organization of Humanity as a Whole PDF
Vladimir S. Soloviev


Contributors PDF
JMM Staff