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Vol 18, No 2 (2015)

Cover Page
Peisaj de la podul Galata (Istanbul)
Romanian painter: Sorin Adam
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Table of Contents


Editorial: The Theological Vocation and the Economy of Social Life PDF
Jordan J. Ballor


Virtuous Poverty, Christian Liberty: A Free-Market Appreciation of Pope Francis PDF
Oskari Juurikkala
The Secularization Myth Revisited: Secularism as Christianity in Disguise PDF
Robert H. Nelson
Religion and the Social Order: Lessons from Smith, Hayek, and Smith PDF
John Robert Subrick
The Pebble Mine Controversy: Property Rights in the Orthodox Moral Tradition PDF
Gregory Jensen
Cajetan’s Economic Treatises: A Critique of Rothbard’s Proto-Austrian Portrayal PDF
Philip Neri Reese
Luther’s Use of Aristotle in the Three Estates and Its Implications for Understanding Oeconomia PDF
Timothy Shaun Price
Review Essay: Is Christian America Invented? And Why Does It Matter? PDF
Hunter Baker


The Future of Theological Education PDF
Gregory Alan Thornbury
Theological Vocation and the Marketplace PDF
Timothy Dalrymple
Theological Vocation and the Church PDF
Gerald Hiestand
Theological Vocation and the Academy PDF
Marc Cortez


Review of "The Invisible Hand in the Wilderness: Economics, Ecology, and God" by Malcom Clemens Young PDF
Andrew J. Spencer
Review of "Globalization and Orthodox Christianity: The Transformations of a Religious Tradition" by Victor Roudometof PDF
Dylan Pahman
Review of "Subsidiariedad: más allá del estado y del Mercado" edited by Pablo Madrid Ortúzar PDF
Mauricio Landra
Review of "Liberation Ecclesiology? The Quest for Authentic Freedom in Joseph Ratzinger’s Theology of the Church" by Seán Corkery PDF
Robert Fastiggi
Review of "Glaube, Gewissen Freiheit: Lord Acton und die religiösen Grundlagen der liberalen Gesellschaft" edited by Christoph Böhr, Philipp W. Hildmann, and Johann Christian Koecke PDF
Todd Huizinga
Review of "Money as God? The Monetization of the Market and Its Impact on Religion, Politics, Law, and Ethics" edited by Jürgen von Hagen and Michael Welker PDF
Evan Miracle
Review of "Money and Justice: A Critique of Modern Money and Banking Systems from the Perspective of Aristotelian and Scholastic Thoughts" by Leszek Niewdana PDF
Anthony Santelli II
Review of "Business and the Greater Good: Rethinking Business Ethics in an Age of Crisis" edited by Knut J. Ims and Lars Jacob Tynes Pederson PDF
Jim Wishloff
Review of "Justice in the Marketplace in Early Modern Spain: Saravia, Villalón, and the Religious Origins of Economic Analysis" by Michael Thomas D'Emic PDF
Giacomo Costa
Review of "A History of Financial Crises: Dream and Follies of Expectations" by Cihan Bilginsoy and "How Crises Shaped Economic Ideas and Policies: Wiser after the Events?" by Nicos Christodoulakis PDF
Kevin Schmiesing
Review of "A Commercial Republic: America’s Enduring Debate over Democratic Capitalism" by Mike O’Connor PDF
Adam Tate
Review of "After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships" by Paul Mills and Michael Schluter PDF
Victor V. Claar
Review of "The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism" by Edward E. Baptist PDF
Miles Smith IV
Other Books of Interest PDF
JMM Staff

Status Quaestionis

A Value Judgment on ‘A Value Judgment on Value Judgments’ PDF
Samuel Gregg
A Value Judgment on Value Judgments (1941) PDF
Wilhelm Röpke


Contributors PDF
JMM Staff


Contributors Index (vol. 18) PDF
JMM Staff