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After careful evaluation of the journal's past policy of unlimited access to both current and archived issues in light of a move to market the journal as an e-journal (as well as a print journal), it was determined that a sliding wall of restricted access to the two most current issues would be instituted. Effective immediately, nonsubscribers will continue to enjoy full access to all files in the archives but will have limited access to current issues of the journal. The exception to this rule is that all scholia content requires a current subscription to the journal. Subscribers, however, will continue to be able to access electronically the full content of current issues by typing a username and password at the login prompt. If you have any questions or would like futher information, please email

For more information about the electronic edition of the Journal of Markets & Morality, see Jordan J. Ballor, “Scholarship at the Crossroads: Journal of Markets & Morality Case Study,” Journal of Scholarly Publishing 36, no. 3 (April 2005): 145-65.