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Colony of Heaven: Abraham Kuypers Ecclesiology in the Twenty-First Century

Ad de Bruijne


This article offers a concise exposition of the ecclesiology of Abraham Kuyper. Focusing extensively on Kuypers doctrines of the church as both institute and organism as well as on ecclesiological pluriformity, the enduring relevance of Kuypers vision is shown for our present context, both in the Netherlands and the United States. Contrary to neo-Calvinist critiques of the twentieth century, the term institute is just as contextually bound as organismyet this does not negate the usefulness of either concept. Rather, it is the task of the church to adapt itself to the concrete circumstances of each place and age, even employing ideas from each context as appropriate. With reservations regarding his neglect of the liturgical character of the church, Kuypers distinctions are expounded and set forward as helpful ecclesiological guidelines for modern Christian social witness today.

Ad de Bruijne, "'Colony of Heaven': Abraham Kuyper's Ecclesiology in the Twenty-First Century," Journal of Markets & Morality 17, no. 2 (Fall 2014): 445-490.

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