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Common Grace and Price Discrimination: A Motivation toward Authentic Relationship

Jill R. Risner, Robert H. Eames, Thomas A. Betts


God bestowed common grace on his creation and called his people to carry it out as a ministry. In this article, the authors discuss how a common grace framework calls us to critically examine the underlying philosophies that guide marketing practice. Several common approaches to pricing will be presented and the philosophy of authentic relationship will be introduced and defined. In this article, we focus on how adopting an authentic relationship approach could influence decisions about price discrimination. Marketers who seek authentic relationships with customers participate in common grace ministry by meeting the needs of Christians as well as non-Christians. They can protect creation and find common ground between secular and Christian actions. By valuing authentic relationships, marketers can avoid an uneven power distribution in exchanges and help customers set realistic expectations about pricing strategies. Such changes in pricing practices and communication enables human flourishing.

Jill R. Risner, Robert H. Eames, and Thomas A. Betts, "Common Grace and Price Discrimination: A Motivation toward Authentic Relationship," Journal of Markets & Morality 18, no. 1 (Spring 2015): 99-118

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