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Religion, Reason, and the Free Society

Samuel Gregg


This article seeks to outline some criteria by which we can consider whether a given religion is likely to support the growth and development of free societies in which unjust coercion is minimized. This article does not suggest that religion is or is not generally compatible with the free society. Rather, I say support because to support is to provide a foundation. To be a passive bystander is something rather different. These criteria are: (1) a religions understanding of the Divinity; (2) its view of reason and free choice; and (3) its conception of the state, especially the states constitutionalismthe arrangements which impose limits on the exercise of power and guarantee basic freedoms.

Samuel Gregg, "Religion, Reason, and the Free Society," Journal of Markets & Morality 21, no. 1 (Spring 2018): 5-21

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