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Human Values for a Golfer and an Organizational Leader

Simon Lim Qing Wei


The notion of values has been studied across all social disciplines as they form the foundation for attitudinal and behavioral responses of individuals and some unethical business practices. For business and organizational leaders, values generally function as the basis for making decisions and are used as a determinant for practicing a preferred leadership style in the organization. In fact, we bring and enact our embraced human values everywhere we go. As human values are perceived to guide ones actions and serve as standards in daily living, or act as the motivational roots of behaviors, the individuals attitudes and behaviors may travel across different contexts. Hence, it stands to reason that ones behavior in a sporting arenafor example, golfmight insinuate the values that the individual may then embrace in the context of organizational leadership. In this paper, I discuss some of the values that golfers may exhibit on the golf course, and explore how these same values might manifest in the leader of an organization if these values do indeed travel from the golf course into the boardroom.

Simon Lim Qing Wei, "Human Values for a Golfer and an Organizational Leader," Journal of Markets & Morality 21, no. 2 (Fall 2018): 385393.

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