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The Virtues of Golf, (Course) Management, and the Common Good

Stephen J. Laumakis


Except for publications dedicated to popular audiences, there is little professional scholarly work that focuses on the intersection of philosophy, business, and athletics. As a result, the purpose of this essay is to consider the intersection of philosophy, and in particular, ethics, (business) management, and the common good in relation to the game of golf. More specifically, I am interested in the virtues (or excellences of character) that one needs in order to manage their own game (and their entire life), and simultaneously promote the flourishing of the other members of their foursome (and their community). In other words, I want to use the game of golf, and the set of practices required in order to play well, as well as the broader idea of course management in order to see how these contribute not only to the common good of your foursome but also how these same ideas can be transferred to the rest of your everyday life.

Stephen J. Laumakis, "The Virtues of Golf, (Course) Management, and the Common Good," Journal of Markets & Morality 21, no. 2 (Fall 2018): 395405.

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