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The Extent of Russell Kirk’s Support for the Free Market

Jason E. Jewell


Scholarship on Russell Kirk (1918–1994) tends to ignore or underemphasize his writings on economics, and scholars who have written about this area of his thought have insufficiently stressed his support for the free market. This article contends that Kirk became more supportive of the free market over the course of his career as he read deeper into the field and wrote more on the subject. It analyzes key passages from his textbook Economics: Work and Prosperity (1989) and other late works and compares them with writings from earlier in his career to show a market-friendly evolution in his thought on topics such as trade, government intervention in the economy, and overpopulation.

Jason E. Jewell, "The Extent of Russell Kirk’s Support for the Free Market," Journal of Markets & Morality 23, no. 1 (2020): 61-75.

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