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A New Direction for Kuyperian Economics

Steven McMullen


The twentieth century project of Kuyperian economics critiqued and ultimately rejected large parts of the dominant neoclassical approach to doing economics, aiming to develop a normative and distinctively Christian methodology. In this article, I first summarize the elements of Kuyperian thought that are relevant to economics. Second, I describe the recent Kuyperian economics project, and the attendant critique. I conclude that the Kuyperian project remains valuable, but that it should change its focus. Future Kuyperian work should preserve the normative critique of modern economic ideologies and institutions, and should maintain the insistence that economics is fundamentally moral, while investing less in the methodological critique of neoclassical rational-choice theory that animated many earlier scholars. I argue that that approach is consistent with the spirit of the longer Kuyperian tradition and still offers scholars a window through which economics can be integrated with Christian anthropology and worldview.

Steven McMullen, "A New Direction for Kuyperian Economics," Journal of Markets & Morality 25, no. 1 (2022): 45-65

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