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Will COVID-19 Destroy Work and Community?: A Theological and Economic Investigation

Anne Rathbone Bradley


The COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant government responses have led to more division, largely along ideological lines, which puts a strain on community relations and even on work. This article begins with a theological examination of human anthropology, a proper understanding of God’s created order, and man’s unique role in cultivating greater human flourishing, which is our purpose. The COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented global crisis, strained our relationships and has dramatically altered the way we work in the market. Far more pernicious, it has also harmed what Tocqueville described as “the art of association.” The way we work has and will continue to change, but the aftermath of ideological cultural divisions will not just damage the community—if permanent, it will damage the way we relate to each other in all realms of life with human flourishing as the collateral damage. This article explores both.

Anne Rathbone Bradley, "Will COVID-19 Destroy Work and Community?: A Theological and Economic Investigation," Journal of Markets & Morality 25, no. 2 (2022): 315-329

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