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The Claim for Secularization as a Contemporary Utopia

Jan Klos


The article focuses on the chasm that modern philosophy has wrought in human nature, thus giving rise to various dichotomiesintellectmorality, religionscience, and faithreason. A belief has grown that these dichotomies are permanent and nothing can bridge them. Today, some people claim that economic activity may succeed regardless of moral considerations. No wonder then that we are facing conflicts, clashes, and dishonesty. Generally, we fall prey to a utopia. Such was also the state of affairs in the nineteenth century. Its thinkers acquired the heritage of modernity against which they (Acton, Bastiat, Newman) had to stand up, but, instead of growing desperate, they resorted to an integral concept of the human person and went beyond modernity. Like Newman, they resolved to place intellect and morality, faith and reason, and religion and science under one roof.

Jan Klos, "The Claim for Secularization as a Contemporary Utopia," Journal of Markets & Morality 10, no. 1 (Spring 2007): 41-66

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