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Review Essay: The Philosophical Foundations of Bavinck and Dooyeweerd

Eduardo J. Echeverria


Herman Bavinck (18451921) and Herman Dooyeweerd (18941977) were Reformed thinkersin particular, Dutch neo-Calvinistsboth professors at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, in the last century; the former a systematic theologian, the latter a philosopher. The term neo-Calvinist refers to a revivalist movement within the Reformed tradition that stems from the nineteenth-century Dutch educator, theologian, church leader, and politician, Abraham Kuyper (18371920). Of the two books in review, one is a biography of Bavinck written by pastor and theologian Ron Gleason; the other is a critical, but sympathetic, study of the philosophical foundations of Dooyeweerds thought on law, politics, and society, written by social and political theorist, Jonathan Chaplin.

Eduardo J. Echeverria, "Review Essay: The Philosophical Foundations of Bavinck and Dooyeweerd," Journal of Markets & Morality 14, no. 2 (Fall 2011): 463-483

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