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How Now Shall We Live?

Charles W. Colson


It is a delight for me to be here again on the campus of Calvin College. I first came here more than twenty years ago, not long after my conversion. I was invited by Dr. Carl Henry, and we had a meeting at that time with the undergraduate faculty. I will confess a secret sin that the evangelical world knew nothing about at that time, and one that I hid very carefullyremember, this was just a couple of years after my conversionI smoked! Honestly, I thought I was alone in this, but, to my great surprise, when I met with the faculty that day I could hardly see across the room because they had all brought out huge pipes and were just puffing away! I told them that if I had known that before I joined the Baptist Church, I might have become a member of the Christian Reformed Church instead!

Charles W. Colson, "How Now Shall We Live?" Journal of Markets & Morality 5, no. 1 (Spring 2002): 287-304

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