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Globalization and the Insights of Catholic Social Teaching

Samuel Gregg


With the process commonly referred to as globalization embracing the planet, many Christian social thinkers have naturally begun to write extensively about the question. Yet, before they enter into the details of this issue, it is reasonable that Christian scholars give serious consideration to the matter of how they think about globalization. If they are to avoid the common error of simply articulating secularist bromides in the language of Christian theology, they need to begin by looking to the unique intellectual apparatuses that have been bequeathed to Christians by the Church. Thus, from the standpoint of Roman Catholicism, careful reflection upon magisterial teaching about socialization, subsidiarity, and the common good should allow Catholic scholars to think through the phenomenon of globalization in a way that yields insights that may escape the attention of orthodox secularist thought.

Samuel Gregg, "Globalization and the Insights of Catholic Social Teaching," Journal of Markets & Morality 4, no. 1 (Spring 2001): 1-13

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