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A Response to Frederick W. Kreuger

Jay W. Richards


I will set aside the ad hominem attacks and Delphic exhortations in Mr. Kruegers response. Instead, I would like to clarify a few matters of substance. Mr. Krueger introduces his response with the following claim: Mr. Richards is certainly aware that my position has the Bible and the entire weight of Christian ethics, theology, and spirituality in its corner. I am not sure how he can say with confidence what I am aware of. In any event, I should say for the record that I am not only unaware of such things; I deny them. As I argued in my initial response, the biblical witness and the Christian tradition underdetermine Mr. Kruegers argument. More strongly, I argued that his recommendations conflict with certain biblical themes such as the ubiquity of sin, and that they would likely have the opposite effect from the one he intends.

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