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Doing Justice to Entrepreneurial (and Other) Responsibilities

James W. Skillen


Largely missing from the liberal traditions economic and political doctrines is an idea of the political community in its own right with its own purpose. Liberal government is a reflex of free persons rather than an office of responsibility in a political community recognized to be as original to human identity as life, property, and economic enterprising. This article argues that the flourishing of entrepreneurial responsibilities requires a political community constituted, first of all, to guard the public trust and the commonwealth and to protect a wide range of human responsibilities. Only in such a framework can the limits of government be properly defined so that nonpolitical responsibilities are able to flourish in a stable and just public order. The argument for a responsibilities economy, upheld by a just political community, concludes with illustrative reference to family life, schooling, and business/finance.

James W. Skillen, "Doing Justice to Entrepreneurial (and Other) Responsibilities," Journal of Markets & Morality 13, no. 2 (Fall 2010): 319-344

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