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Is Some Form of Secularism the Best Foundation for Christian Engagement in Public Life? A Response to Jonathan Malesic

Hunter Baker


Dr. Malesic correctly sums up part of the basic critique Lindsay offers of evangelical elites. In short, they gravitate toward para-church efforts where they can call the shots, have tenuous ties to real church congregations where they would mix with many kinds of people, have trouble finding a pastor they can identify with because of their own successes, and have not thought carefully enough about the materialism exhibited by their lifestyles. Malesic looks at the critique provided above and adds that he sees evangelical elites wrongly using their faith as a networking and marketing tool. The prescription, in his view, is that we should embrace a form of secularism and begin a new life as secret Christians. The first response I would offer to this, in my mind, startling conclusion is: Why jump to that answer?

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