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Reply to Mark Broski's 'Know Thy Limits: The Noneconomics of Abundance'


It has been a privilege for me to have the opportunity to read Father MarkBroskys paper. The task that each of the presenters in this conference was asked to do was not an easy one. Each presenter had to examine one principle in the present form of our Statement of Principles of Economic Personalism and attempt to produce an improved version of such principle based on some insight that he found significant to bring to the fore. Father Mark did exactly this, and in his argument he produced for us distinctions that constitute, I believe, a very important contribution to our discussion concerning the communion of markets and morality. For example, Father Mark presents us with a contrast between economic life as we know it, and a hypothesis of economic life in the Garden. Furthermore, he examines the distinction he finds between acts of sharing, and the sage practice of striking a deal in everyday market exchange. Finally, and not of least importance, Father Mark introduces a new distinction for social institutions: that between healing institutions and coping institutions. He has given us in this way much to consider and discuss.

Gloria L. Zunga, "Reply to Mark Broski's 'Know Thy Limits: The Noneconomics of Abundance,'" Journal of Markets and Morality 4, no. 2 (Fall 2001): 333-335

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