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A Primer for Peer Review

Dylan Pahman


In the light of the poor state of peer review ethics and etiquette, the editors of the Journal of Markets & Morality conceived the idea for this peer-review primer. In the course of research, we have also reevaluated and reaffirmed our policy of double-blind peer review for reasons to be detailed herein. Additionally, certain structural issues enable and can even encourage the poor etiquette in question as well as other issues of quality that have come to our attention. In light of all this, we have added a few procedures with the hope of achieving higher quality reviews, streamlining the review process for everyone involved, and discharging our editorial responsibility with regard to maintaining a cordial and professional academic environment.

Dylan Pahman, "Editorial: A Primer for Peer Review," Journal of Markets & Morality 17, no. 1 (2014): 1-7.

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