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Vol 8, No 2 (2005)

Cover Page
Cover Credit: Kustodiev, Boris (1878—1927) The Village Fair. 1908. © Scala / Art Resource, NY
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Table of Contents


''The Digital Divide'' PDF
Stephen J. Grabill


The Universal Destination of Goods: The Ethics of Property in the Theory of a Christian Society PDF
Manfred Spieker
Law, Revolution, and Religion: Harold Berman's Interpretation of the English Revolution PDF
Nicholas Aroney
Natural Law and Modern Economic Theory PDF
Gerson Moreno-Riaño
Exchange Matters: Perspectives from Social Capital, Neighborhoods, and Modern Culture PDF
Francis X. Tannian, John E. Stapleford
The "Eschatological Principle" in Catholic Social Thought PDF
Mark Lowery
A Communitarian Model of Business: A Natural-Law Perspective PDF
Surendra Arjoon


What Bearing, If Any, Does the Christian Doctrine of Providence Have Upon the Operation of the Market Economy? PDF
Michael T. Dempsey
A Response to Michael T. Dempsey PDF
John Lunn, Robin Klay
A Response to Robin Klay and John Lunn PDF
Michael T. Dempsey
A Response to Michael T. Dempsey PDF
John Lunn, Robin Klay


Review of "Religion in the Liberal Polity" edited by Terence Cuneo PDF
Thomas Sieger Derr
Review of"The Universal Hunger for Liberty" by Michael Novak PDF
Jan Klos
Review of "The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Market Economy" by Thomas E. Woods Jr. PDF
Alberto Mingardi
Review of "Personalist Papers" by John Crosby PDF
Michael Novak
Review of "The Politics of Human Frailty: A Theological Defence of Political Liberalism" by Christopher J. Insole PDF
Jan Klos
Review of "Human Life, Action and Ethics: Essays by G. E. M. Anscombe" edited by Mary Geach and Luke Gormally PDF
Samuel Gregg
Review of "Morals and Politics" translated by Vittorio Hösle, Steven Rendall PDF
Paul Seaton
Review of "Economy and Virtue: Essays on the Theme of Markets and Morality" edited by Dennis O'Keeffe PDF
Paul A. Cleveland
Review of "Spiritual Capitalism: What the FDNY Taught Wall Street About Money" by Peter and Monika Ressler PDF
Richard C. Bayer
Review of "The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon, Vol. 1: The Virtues of Capitalism" edited by Arthur Seldon and Colin Robinson PDF
Julio H. Cole
Review of "Globalization and the Good" edited by Peter Heslam PDF
Richard J. Martinez
Review of "The Elgar Companion to the Economics of Property Rights" edited by Enrico Colombatto PDF
Wolfgang Grassl
Review of "Max Weber: An Intellectual Biography" by Fritz Ringer PDF
Philip Harold
Review of "A Critical Inquiry into the Case Against Capital" by Lawrence Eubank PDF
Joseph Keckeissen
Review of "Economists in Discussion: The Correspondence Between G. L. S. Shackle and Stephen F. Frowen" by Stephen F. Frowen PDF
Richard F. Crespo
Review of "The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy" edited by John B. Davis, Alain Marciano, and Jochen Runde PDF
Rachel Douchant
Review of "Economic Policy Under Uncertainty: The Role of Truth and Accountability in Policy Advice" edited by Peter Mooslechner, Helene Schuberth, and Martin Schürtz PDF
Edward J. López


Contributors PDF
JMM Staff