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Vol 14, No 2 (2011)

Cover Page

On the cover:

Beroud, Louis (1852–1930)
Central Dome of the World Fair in Paris 1889
Location: Paris, Musée Carnavalet
Source: Musee Carnavalet /Wikimedia Commons

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Theme Issue: Modern Christian Social Thought

Table of Contents


Modern Christian Social Thought PDF
Jordan J. Ballor


Settling the "Social Question": Three Variants on Modern Christian Social Thought PDF
Marinus Ossewaarde
The Pontificate of Leo XIII (1878–1903) and the Encyclical Rerum Novarum PDF
Joseph M. de Torre
Continuity and Res Novae in the Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate PDF
Manfred Spieker
Benedict XVI as Social Realist in Caritas in Veritate PDF
Barry Keating, Maryann O. Keating
Caritas in Veritate and the Market Economy PDF
Paul Oslington
Marching for Morals: Early Struggles in the Dutch Christian Worker Movement PDF
Peter van Dam
Syb Talma: A Dutch Christian Socialist PDF
Gerard van Krieken
Taming the Beast: The Long and Hard Road to the Christian Social Conference of 1952 PDF
Rolf van der Woude
The Two Kingdoms and the Social Order: Political and Legal Theory in Light of God’s Covenant with Noah PDF
David VanDrunen
Review Essay: The Philosophical Foundations of Bavinck and Dooyeweerd PDF
Eduardo J. Echeverria


Nine Libertarian Heresies Tempting Neoconservative Catholics to Stray from Catholic Social Thought PDF
Daniel K. Finn
“Nine Libertarian Heresies”— A Response to Daniel K. Finn PDF
Anthony E. Santelli II
Finn’s “Nine Libertarian Heresies” and Mueller’s First Lemma PDF
John D. Mueller
A Response to Santelli and Mueller PDF
Daniel K. Finn
“Nine Libertarian Heresies”— A Surresponse PDF
Anthony E. Santelli II
“Nine Libertarian Heresies”—A Final Surresponse PDF
John D. Mueller


Review of "Christian Perspectives on the Financial Crash" edited by Philip Booth PDF
Kenneth P. Poirier
Review of "The Kuyper Center Review, Volume 1: Politics, Religion, and Sphere Sovereignty" edited by Gordan Graham PDF
David W. Hall
Review of "Rethinking Poverty: Income, Assets, and the Catholic Social Justice Tradition" by James P. Bailey PDF
Emil Berendt
Review of "Desire, Market and Religion" by Jung Mo Sung and "No Rising Tide: Theology, Economics, Individualism and the Economic Order and the Future" by Joerg Rieger PDF
Matthew Hisrich
Review of "Remember the Poor: Paul, Poverty, and the Greco-Roman World" by Bruce W. Longenecker PDF
Edd S. Noell
Review of "Modern and American Dignity: Who We Are as Persons, and What Difference That Means for Our Future" by Peter Augustine Lawler PDF
Daniel J. Mahoney
Review of "Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity: Ideas for the Twenty-First Century" edited by Shirley J. Roels PDF
Jordan J. Ballor
Review of "A Public Faith" by Miroslav Volf PDF
Greg Forster
Review of "Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction" by Richard Mouw PDF
John Halsey Wood Jr.
Review of "Kapitalismus—Eine Liebeserklärung: Warum die Marktwirtschaft Uns Allen Nützt" by Ulrich Chiwitt PDF
Evan Miracle
Review of "Intellectual Property Law: Economic and Social Justice Perspectives" edited by Anne Flanagan and Maria Lilla Montagnani PDF
Thomas A. Hemphill
Review of "The Moral Rhetoric of Political Economy: Justice and Modern Economic Thought" by Paul Turpin PDF
Paul A. Cleveland
Review of "Looking Beyond the Individualism and Homo Economicus of Neoclassical Economics: A Collection of Original Essays Dedicated to the Memory of Peter L. Danner, Our Friend and Colleague" edited by Edward J. O’Boyle PDF
Guillermo Montes
Review of "Milton Friedman" by William Ruger PDF
Julio H. Cole
Review of "Heavenly Merchandize: How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America" by Mark Valeri PDF
Kevin E. Schmiesing

Status Quaestionis

Luigi Taparelli and a Catholic Economics PDF
Thomas C. Behr
Critical Analysis of the First Concepts of Social Economy (1857) PDF
Luigi Taparelli d'Azeglio, SJ
Abraham Kuyper and the Continuing Social Question PDF
Harry Van Dyke
Christ and the Needy (1895) PDF
Abraham Kuyper


Contributors PDF
JMM Staff