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Moral Imagination as a Reformational Influence in the Workplace

Jason Stansbury


Many Christians struggle with the challenge of living out their faith-based identities in the pluralistic workplace. The social psychology of religion is useful for understanding the difficulties and inhibitions that Christian businesspeople face. It elaborates on mental models that inform appropriate action at work as well as expressions of contested identity in a potentially unreceptive environment. Moreover, the social psychology of moral imagination details how one central and salient component of a persons identity marshals mental models from other identity components to formulate and justify alternatives to the status quo. Moral imagination can explain how faith integration often occurs in the workplace, and it can be understood as an expression of Gods common grace for the business world as a means of reaching understanding and appealing to conscience across moral and theological foundations.

Jason Stansbury, "Moral Imagination as a Reformational Influence in the Workplace," Journal of Markets & Morality 18, no. 1 (Spring 2015): 21-41

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