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Other Books of Interest

JMM Staff


Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Virtue Ethics
J. Budziszewski
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017 (322 pages)

Great Economic Thinkers: An Introduction—From Adam Smith to Amartya Sen
Jonathan Conlin (Editor)
London: Reaktion Books, 2018 (311 pages)

Thomas Hobbes and the Natural Law
Kody W. Cooper
Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2018 (341 pages)

Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation
Daniel M. Doriani
Phillipsburg, New Jersey: P&R Publishing, 2019 (243 pages)

The Virtue of Nationalism
Yoram Hazony
New York: Basic Books, 2018 (285 pages)

Incentives to Pander: How Politicians Use Corporate Welfare for Political Gain
Nathan M. Jensen and Edmund J. Malesky
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018 (268 pages)

The Skillfulness of Virtue: Improving Our Moral and Epistemic Lives
Matt Stichter
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018 (209 pages)

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